Artist Resume

•Curriculums in the Ministry of Guidance under the supervision of the late Mr. Alofte, who is the first master of painting in Khorasan and designed by Sadr sadate master in 1988-1990
• Painting and oil paintings from 1988-1901 years under the supervision of Professor Espahbodi
•Cultural Heritage and Postgraduate Courses and Astan Quds Razavi under the supervision of Ms. Mushtaq and Mr. Reza Mahdavi and Ms. Samaneh Dostyi Professionally
•Leather design courses


• Ruling for Islamic exhibitions such as Gothic Nutcracker and Chicken and Chicken
• Participating in women's municipality galleries to encourage women
• Participation in the Individual Festival at Rezvan Art Gallery
• Work with ANKO LEATHER and leather design for Fariman meat factory
• Online leather ordering